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  • 23/06/2020
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  • Public event, suitable for families and book lovers


After the great success of SalTo Extra, the Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino (Turin International Book Fair) is back for the summer with SalTo Notte: an experimental new format that gives a voice to publishers and authors from Italy and beyond, which will be held late in the evening, in locations that represent Italian culture and which, despite difficulties and uncertainty, are starting to resume their activities.


SalTo Notte will present an authentic journey across Italy, guided by the common thread of literature and culture, in a historic moment when the world is starting to move again, but the direction to take is not clear. This new experiment takes place late in the evening, because ⁠— as the Italian saying goes ⁠— "the night brings counsel", and because it offers a different way of coming together: with greater freedom, intimacy, and the chance to reflect, far from the hustle and bustle of the day. From 23 June, six meetings ⁠— every Tuesday from 22:30 ⁠— will be streamed on, as well as on the Salone de Libro YouTube channel and Facebook page. The videos of the meetings will remain available on the website and the YouTube channel even after the live broadcast.


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The first episode was filmed on Tuesday 23 June, at La Centrale - Nuvola Lavazza, which has recently been fitted out with the necessary equipment to host streamed events, transforming the vast space of what was once a Power Plant owned by the Enel electricity company into an intimate salon for enjoying conversation and company together.


The guests included Ilaria Capua, special guest from the “Ogni nuvola ha una cornice d’argento” (Every cloud has a silver lining) meeting, based on her book “Il Dopo” (The Aftermath) published by Mondadori. Meanwhile, a talk entitled “Dall’oggi al domani, le parole per dirlo” (From today to tomorrow, and the words to describe it) saw the philosopher Donatella Di Cesare, author of “Virus sovrano?” (Virus Supreme?, published by Bollati Boringhieri) join Loredana Lipperini in analysing what has come to light in recent months in terms of inequalities, and the general sense of being socially and politically adrift. Valerio Berruti, in collaboration with Gallucci, read from and drew “L’abbraccio più forte” (The tightest hug), a flipbook that describes how hugs have changed in the months during lockdown, and which has raised funds for the COVID Hospital in Verduno. “Storia di un sacerdote tra Vangelo e Costituzione” (The story of a priest between the Gospel and the Constitution) is the title of a meeting between Luigi Ciotti and Fabio Geda, based on “L'amore non basta” (Love is not enough, published by Giunti Editore). Vanni Santoni, in collaboration with Adelphi, interviewed Michael Pollan, one of the world’s most famous essayists and journalists, for a discussion of his latest book, which travels to the outer limits of the human mind following the thread of psychedelic culture analysed on a historical, medical and social level. As for the “I Libri della Notte” (Books of the night) clips: Ritanna Armeni presents “Mara. Una donna del novecento” (Mara. A Woman of the Twentieth Century, published by Ponte alle Grazie) and the Italian video-maker Il Terzo segreto di Satira presents “La paranza dei buonisti” (The Do-Gooders, published by Longanesi). Of course, the event would not be complete without a meeting dedicated to local bookshops, which have had a tough few months: Beatrice Dorigo from La Gang del Pensiero, Sara Lanfranco from Libreria Therese and Rocco Pinto from Il ponte sulla Dora shared their stories. Finally, the evening came to a close with a poetry reading from Marco Pautasso. Claudia Durastanti, Francesco Pacifico and Giordano Meacci from “Casa Buendía” also took part in the event.

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Event organised in La Centrale at Nuvola Lavazza – via Ancona 11.

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