Torino Stratosferica


  • 18/10/2019-20/10/2019
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  • Public event, suitable for families and lovers of architecture


From 18 to 20 October, Nuvola Lavazza will host the 2019 edition of Torinostratosferica at La Centrale. Torinostratosferica is a city-imaging project: a group workshop that aims to harness the creative power of urban imagination and experiment with the impact of visionary ideas on the city. Torinostratosferica’s activities are all based around a question that we ask ourselves less and less: what do we want from our city of the future? The entire experiment aims to prompt reflection on the perfect Turin, generating original, courageous and contemporary visions — some feasible, others purely utopian — for its places, inhabitants, activities, services and culture, as well as the general perception of the city.


In other words, Torinostratosferica seeks to imagine Turin at its best. No restrictions, no preconceptions, no feasibility studies. It is a project with a generous, forward-thinking, and sometimes provocative spirit. Its purpose is to reassert the importance of looking ahead and aiming high, contributing to a positive (and shared) view of the city. Today, Torinostratosferica is gaining a reputation as an environment that welcomes visionaries, generates an atmosphere of experimentation and research and acts as a gatherer and generator of ideas: a mindset that the city desperately needs.


Remaining loyal to its original calling, all activities are based on relationships with the most active and admirable people and enterprises in the area, in various fields: independent creators and publishers, designers, researchers, professionals, studios, associations and festivals, public and private bodies, entrepreneurs and innovators; all with the positive outcome of creating and strengthening these informal networks.


Torinostratosferica’s methods are, by definition, experimental, based on a meeting of disciplines, and consisting of group workshops with exponents of different contemporary cultures, following analysis and brainstorming stages with the aim of going beyond what already exists.

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Event organised at La Centrale – Nuvola Lavazza – via Ancona 11/a.


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Only requests received from the date and time indicated shall be taken into consideration. Emails requesting bookings shall be handled on a first come first served basis and will no longer be accepted once there are no more places on the list. Bookings should only be considered complete once you have received a confirmation email from the organiser.


The email requesting a booking must contain your name and surname, mobile number and email address. The booking is strictly non-transferrable. Access to the room will be granted according to the names on the list. The event is accessible to people with impaired mobility. Dogs are not permitted.


La Centrale – Nuvola Lavazza
Via Ancona 11/a, Turin (TO)