Lavazza Museum

Casa Lavazza

This intimate and evocative place retraces the main stages that have marked the company’s more than 120 years of history: from the first bill of exchange signed by Luigi Lavazza to the coffee drunk in orbit on board the International Space Station, thanks to the first capsule espresso machine designed for space.

The Fabbrica

In this area we return to the moment of production, in a fascinating journey to discover the various stages of coffee processing, from plant to cup.

The Piazza

The Piazza represents the iconic celebration of the coffee ritual in an open and convivial environment. Exclusive coffee design recipes created by world-famous chefs in collaboration with Lavazza can also be found here.

The Atelier

Reminiscent of a photographic studio, The Atelier presents 60 years of Lavazza’s creative collaboration through images and installations featuring the legendary Caballero and Carmencita, protagonists of the unforgettable Carosello that graced our TVs, Lavazza calendars and much, much more.

The Universo

An almost dreamlike space, at the end of the journey you find yourself immersed in a 360° multimedia projection where you can experience the world of Lavazza in a personalised way, and by tasting a signature coffee design recipe from the Lavazza Training Center.