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Filippo La Mantia, hospitality in its purest form

Published on 20 March 18

Filippo La Mantia was born in Palermo and grew up in the city’s streets, fascinated by pubs and inns: places where the experience of welcoming and taking care of customers is vital. 

He does not like to be called chef, instead defining himself as a Host and Cook.

“A person who greets you, accompanies you to your table, takes your order, cooks, brings your meal, makes your coffee and sees you out”.
Filippo La Mantia

With us, he does the same thing: he welcomes us, prepares us a coffee, brings it to the table and takes a seat. 

From behind his cup, he talks of how Sicily and its traditions are present in everything he does and everything he cooks. He reveals that the roots of his passion for coffee as a beverage and as the raw material of his work should be sought in his childhood memories, when he lived near a roasting house and would wake up when the smell of coffee had completely permeated his bedroom.

From loving coffee to appreciating Lavazza is a small step. Filippo doesn’t just like Lavazza’s products and recognise their quality; won over by our innovative spirit, he has become one of our ambassadors.

Of all the experiences shared together, the chef particularly remembers our collaboration for International Coffee Day 2017. A very special good morning for the Milanese, to whom Deliveroo brought breakfast at home, sweet or savoury, signed by one of the greatest Italian chefs. Completing the breakfast box were two packs of Single Origin coffee, espresso cups and an induction moka pot. 

Everything you need to start the day with the intoxicating aroma of coffee, just like young Filippo. 

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