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Coffee and the senses

Depending on the age group of participants, they can discover how a single ingredient such as coffee can take on different forms, tastes and aromas as a result of differences in the production area, cultivation and the method of extraction.

Our workshops on coffee and the senses

Who are our workshops aimed at?

Our range of educational activities caters to different school levels and covers a variety of themes.

 Together, we create tailored workshops and educational sessions for a positive and engaging trip to the museum.

<p>Primary schools</p>

Primary schools

<p>Lower secondary schools</p>

Lower secondary schools

<p>People with sensory impairments</p>

People with sensory impairments

<p>People with motor and cognitive impairments</p>

People with motor and cognitive impairments

<p>Children accompanied by adults</p>

Children accompanied by adults

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Teachers and instructors will work together to organise each visit, not only in terms of the available dates, but also in order to tailor the visit to the age group of the participants and to accommodate any specific needs the class may have.


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