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Evening events at the Lavazza Museum


From April, the Lavazza Museum will add a new format to its rich schedule of cultural offerings: evening events. This programme will be dedicated to special occasions held outside the museum’s opening hours, offering an unusual and atmospheric visiting experience and adding an exclusive range of original, engaging content to the itinerary of exhibits.


The format is divided into five thematic categories, to cover all aspects related to the multifaceted world of coffee and global coffee culture. The categories will be:


Themed visits to learn more about the areas of greatest interest and explore the opportunities for narrative, provided by the museum’s itinerary of exhibits: from photography to the history of communication, design and much more.


Sensory visits to rediscover the perceptions and emotions that coffee can inspire, embarking on a unique and surprising experience.


Visits with a special guide to discover the Lavazza Museum and Lavazza traditions, through the tales and quirks of those who made its history.


Food experiences to taste and sample coffee like the experts do, discovering its subtle aromas and fragrances, as well as trying the recipes of Lavazza Coffee Design and spending an enjoyable evening in good company.


Evening events in the archaeological area to travel back to the ancient roots of the city of Turin and the Aurora district, a journey through time of almost two thousand years: Nuvola Lavazza is, in fact, the site of the ruins of an early Christian basilica from the 4–5th century A.D. Evening events are the perfect time to visit a place shrouded in intrigue and mystery.

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