From 30 March, the new version of the Lavazza Museum website will be available online.


With its new graphic design, the website will be the place to go for descriptions and accounts of the Lavazza Museum, with all of its events and initiatives, and to discover exclusive content.


In fact, the Lavazza Museum is a multifaceted structure that brings together the tale of a family that has been at the helm of the company for over 120 years; an account of the coffee supply chain, from the fruit’s growth on the plant to its arrival in the homes of consumers; the astonishing history of the traditions surrounding the consumption of Italy’s most iconic beverage; and the creativity of the communications and artistic collaborations Lavazza has used over the years to publicise its products and projects.


On top of that, the Museum also hosts Lavazza’s Historical Archive, which carefully preserves all the most interesting and curious aspects of a success story that began in Turin in 1895 and an archaeological area home to the ruins of an early Christian basilica from the 4–5th century AD.


At the same time, the Museum is part of the Nuvola Lavazza complex, which has brought a fresh burst of life to the Aurora district since June 2018, thanks to the visionary design of architect Cino Zucchi. Nuvola is also home to La Centrale, a former manufacturing plant belonging to the Enel power company, which has been converted from the production of electricity to an exclusive location for spectacular public and corporate events.


The challenge for the new website, therefore, is to describe this multifaceted structure with passion and attention to detail, while keeping visitors constantly up to date on the many initiatives that make up the life of the Museum and of Nuvola Lavazza.