A liquid elaboration of coffee should be composed by at least two elements: powdered coffee and water.

However, this base comes in a great array of variants, that change the drinker's experience - the coffees we taste are distinguished by the origin of the beans, the extraction method, the drinking device and the serving temperature.

Lavazza founded the Training Center, which wants to make coffee a cultural treasure to share and care for.

With 8 sites in Italy and 47 all over the world, it's not only a harbour for awareness and education, but also a place where coffee is treated like a work of art, beyond the common boundaries of this famous drink.

New experiments can borrow from different territories - food design, gourmet cuisine, cocktails. This is how creations like coffee caviar, Nitro Cappuccino and Espresso Tonic are born.


Everything is appealing and very, very good. Thanks to this approach, over the years big classics have been joined by international versions, complex takes and fusions. In our society, coffee has taken on a crucial role, becoming much more than a simple warm cup.

Andy Anderson, aka @manmakecoffee, visited the Turin Training Center to admire the study and production of new coffee forms, on the line between gastronomic science, design and magic.